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On the Go, Fitness Tumbler

On the Go, Fitness Tumbler

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Introducing Our 'On-the-Go' Drink Travel Mug—The Ideal Companion for Your Fast-Paced Life. For the dynamic individual who thrives on caffeine and never slows down, our 'On-the-Go' Drink Travel Mug is your perfect match. Crafted with your busy lifestyle in mind, this isn't just a mug; it's your caffeine companion during errands and commutes alike. Thanks to its spill-proof lid and advanced insulation, your drink remains at the ideal temperature, whether it's piping hot or refreshingly cold, for hours on end. So, as you conquer your daily hustle, you can rely on our 'On-the-Go' Drink Travel Mug to keep your favorite beverage just the way you like it, sip after uninterrupted sip.

Sustainable and sturdy product that comes with a handle to make carrying easier which is a perk if you have enough to carry.

- This 15oz stainless steel travel mug will keep your drinks at their desired temperature for hours and its leak-proof design means it won’t spill, no matter where you take it. It’s even dishwasher safe, so your beautiful designs won’t fade
- 180 mm (7.08in) tall including lid, 160 mm tall (6.29in) without lid
- Bottom diameter of 61 mm (2.4in) and top diameter 84 mm (3.3in)

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